Private Chef Will Services

Private Chef Will Business BioPrivate Chef Services was created for those who want to enjoy a memorable culinary experience, within the privacy of their own home. Creating a custom menu, Will uses only the freshest ingredients and local certified organic produce. Premium ingredients are an amazing ways to share his passion. Hiring a private chef, you get to enjoy every second with your guests. You never have to worry about the shopping, preparation, or clean up.

After the quick success and start up Fierce Events & Custom Catering in 2010, the whole experience made Will realize it was too much, too fast and needed to sit back and regroup. Grateful for the work Will did with Quiksilver, FIDM/Andrew Christian Fashion Show, Port of Long Beach and many others, Will knew mass produced catered food was not for him. Taking two years off, Will went back to school and enrolled in theInternational Culinary Institute in Santa Monica.

Private Chef Will received straight “A”s in Nutrition, Baking/Pastry, Cost/Purchasing, Management. Will is also affluent in the French, Latin, Asian, the Americas’ Cuisines and French techniques. Having to learn the history of each country and its input into modern day flavors gave Will a whole new respect on how food should be approached. Traveling the world, Will took cooking courses in several countries like Asia, the Netherlands, Germany, Thailand and South America. Everything came together and Private Chef Will was born.

Catering to each specific clientele, Will understands the importance behind the staging and presentation of the food. He believes this plays a vital part of separating him from the typical and average well-worn catering days. The Cooking Classes  Private Chef Will provides, includes topics from cooking strict vegan, planning the perfect dinner, wine pairing appetizer parties , to the fun “Top 10 Things You Need To Know In The Kitchen.” All Cooking Classes are 2 hours, planned with your specific topics that you choose during our consultation.

Stop settling for average, and start raising the bar at your next dinner soiree!

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