Cooking Classes

Private Chef Will Cooking Classes 2A customized, two hour cooking class in the privacy of your own home, can teach many things from how to use spices, basic wine pairing, understanding fats, cholesterol, USDA dietary guidelines, nutrition, calories, and proteins to how to cook the perfect steak, make pasta, vinaigrettes  and other easy and healthy dishes you can create at home. Choose three entertaining or culinary topics from our list to infuse into the “hands on” cooking portions of the class.

Great class ideas include a “girls night out”, cooking for those with strict dietary restrictions, “basic wine pairs”, learning a few vegan or vegetarian dishes to simple entertaining tips, food styling and basic plating tips.

Chef Will discusses healthy oils and essential nutrients, the phytochemicals found in plants, understanding a gluten free diet, carbs and diabetes, and the difference between healthy and unhealthy fats.

Classes average four to ten people and pricing starts around $70 per person. Gift certificates are available for those interested in learning how approach food from a new angle.

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