Private Chef Will Dessert StationPrivate Chef Will knows the dessert course is an extremely important course, as it is the last dish your guests remember, and Chef Will wants to finalize the culinary experience with something special and memorable.

Chef Will highly suggests his popular dessert platter with a few handmade mini-portion options which can include classic flavors to a few amazing ideas that your friends and family will never forget. Previous platters included bite size cupcakes, mini gourmet Bundt cakes, cheesecake ice-cream pops, warm mini chocolate chip cookies, milkshake shots, and truffle pops with our handmade super sparkly edible glitter.

For an interactive and visual production, Chef Will loves doing bananas foster or cherries jubilee flambé station, Gelato Bar with warm donut holes and choice of warm caramel and chocolate sauces, or sundae bar with all the toppings you could imagine. The options are limitless, and never rely on well-worn themes or ideas. Chef Will loves staying ahead of the trends with exciting and new ideas.

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