Entrée Courses

Private Chef Will Entree 1A Chef Will Entrée is the upgraded version of a dish served as the main course, and by working individually with each client allows us to come together with your likes, and my infusion to craft and create a truly custom dish or an updated spin on a classic.

Chef Will takes pride in his food styling by presenting beautifully plated dishes with every ingredient having a specific purpose. Chef Will specializes in small, intimate soiree’s with every food item being hand crafted and handmade in your home using top quality and premium ingredients.

Mass produced food and large scale productions are best left to the catering companies that choose to use food distribution companies to create meals. The entrée will be the correct portion size served with the gourmet sides of your choice which typically includes a starch and vegetable, but having a private chef allows you to eat anything foods you desire.

Chef Will’s mission is to create the perfect meal.

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