About Chef Will

Will’s story begins at age 14, living as a “ward of the court” when found homeless and in court being emancipated from a family withPrivate Chef Will 5 other children. Will fought, and vowed to stay in school knowing he would define his own destiny. Will worked several jobs and proudly graduated from high school, knowing he could do anything he set my mind to.

Will walked into Costco Wholesale, sat in the break room until someone would see him. Fast forward 25 years, Will quickly moved up the ranks, moved to Hawaii, became a regional auditor, public relations officer, and created a million dollar ancillary department. After 15 years, he was called back to corporate and promoted to a corporate buyer. On the exact day of his 25 year anniversary, Will walked into work and knew his life was going to change that day. With much thought, he left his amazing career and never looked back.

During his life on Maui, a friend asked if he would be interested in helping her with catering gigs as a server. Will accepted, absolutely loved it, and did not even care if he got paid. The seed was planted and he realized that cooking was very personal and made people happy inside. First and foremost, Will found his own personal connection and fell head over heels in love with the art of becoming a personal chef.

Once returning to California with a new found passion for cooking food, Will headed back to school at 42 years old, and enrolled in the International Culinary Institute in Santa Monica. He quickly learned his excitement for the culinary arts, hard work ethics, and OCD all went hand in hand. Will’s world was rocked, and his personal approach to food and business quickly took off.

Chef Will has been extremely fortunate in being able to travel the world which has encouraged and taught him how to approach food from every angle. He is grateful for being able to take cooking courses while in South America, Thailand, Europe and the Netherlands.

As a food educator, understanding the science of nutrition, essential nutrients, health benefits, and the primary factors on how people are influenced on what they eat is vital and important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Chef Will is grateful that he gets to do what he loves, happy that he understands the term “you are what you eat” and appreciates his personal journey of losing over 140 pounds.

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